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Between Dawn & Carl : Laps
Mix Tape Show curated by Terence Hannum
Gallery 400 - Chicago IL

As the audiocassette becomes obsolete in the wake of the compact disc and downloadable digital tracks, Terence Hannum returns gallery visitors to the frugal egalitarianism of the mix tape.   In this group exhibition, visitors may listen to, take home, or even remix their own versions of mix tapes provided by national and Chicago-based artists, musicians, and writers.

This piece was produced in a progression of laps or sessions. Each of us worked on our own medley while listening to the others mix. The shifts or sparks are what interests us; the unseen influences or points between produced in each mix because it was infected by the other persons choices.This has the fortunate difficulty of being impossible, since each mix would have to be finished before the other could be made. A figure eight of laps is a practical way of slipping past this paradox.

A limited number of Dawn Reed Chicago screen printed tshirts were offered at the opening.

between dawn reed screen printed tshirt