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love seat 

• 2007
 Gallery Shots
Girl on Guy : the object of my desire
curatored by Marci McDade
A+D Gallery - Chicago IL

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something that i said
, 2007
32”x 45”x 36”
built from various found woods & foams, upholstered in rayon, a mixed tape

something that i said is a loveseat with a soundtrack that can be heard by a couple simultaneously.  The soundtrack came from a month long progression of laps or sessions where Carl Warnick (longtime collaborator and partner) and I would work daily on our own medleys; mixing sounds, song clips, voices, instruments; and then listening to the others mix, returning and remixing our own.  This created shifts and sparks not only between us but we were infected and influenced by for instance the other’s style or song choices.  

something that you said, 2007
26”x 30”
raw edge - applique
ink printed cottons & silks
embroidered with clear, cotton & rayon threads

something that you said
is a machine embroidered raw-edged appliqué of an image that I’ve grown very fond of.  Not only because it is of Carl’s lips but because I have kept it as wallpaper on my cell phone for several years.  It brings to mind past exchange, argument, chatter, silence, chopped together conversations.  It is a marker for daily communication.  The act of quilting is barbed with pin pricks. This piece has raw edges and is sewn with clear, hard threads on soft cottons and silks.  The pin pricks, transparency and raw edges are as much a part of the seduction as the sweetness of color.

  Each piece contains references to life, references to previous work, to other peoples work, a kind of over-sampling.  Over-sampling as relationships amid arrangements; connecting, paralleling, formal, conceptual, and emotional elements. These parts continually refer to other parts… without closure, without beginning or end.