the Mirror Ball formerly owned by Annika Seitz was also displayed in her video installation :

Disco/Monastery, 2006
Julie Whaley airbrush work
A second cover of :
You Don't Love me Yet

Arrangement & production : Carl Warnick
Vocals : Dawn Reed
Music : Lars Fenin

Dawn Reed dawn reed blog contact & credit info dawn reed, showsDawn Reed Home dawn reed, bio

shows, raiment & arrangements

April 29 - May 2nd
Lifestyle Appropriate group show
curated by Cheslea Culp & Ben Foch of New Capital Projects
during Art Chicago / NEXT -
Chicago IL (info)(Balloon/Converso)

cotton strap body harness w/stained, manipulated wooden blades

                                               gallery shots

Dawn Reed Art Chicago 2011Dawn Reed Art Chicago 2011

Oct 23rd
Zombie: A Mindless Affair curated by Edra Soto
- Chicago IL
                                               opening shots

Dawn Reed Antena ZombieDawn Reed Antena Zombie

June 20th
The C-Through Outfit @ Hyde Park Art Center
Shrill and a half Block Party curated by Joymore HPAC - Chicago IL
Catie Olsen
- EC Brown - Carl Warnick - Dawn Reed

                                               opening shots

Dawn Reed Hyde Park Art CenterDawn Reed Hyde Park Art Center

July 4th
Sal-ChEx curated by Bert Stabler
The C-Through Outfit @ Co-Properity Sphere -
Chicago IL

Wearable body harness - stained, manipulated wood w/cotton straps

                                               opening shots

Dawn Reed Co-Prosperity SphrereDawn Reed Co-Prosperity Sphrere

2009 July 11th
DOGCAT: Canine Fashion vs. the FBI (Feline Behavioral Institute) Swimming Pool Project Space - Chicago IL


                                               opening shots

Dawn Reed DOGCAT Swimming Pool ProjectsDawn Reed DOGCAT Swimming Pool Projects

June 5th
Drawing for 'Soto-Chacon Dancers' - Edra Soto @ the MCA -
Chicago IL

                                               click photo for drawing
Soto Chacon Dancers Edra Soto Dawn Reed DrawingDawn Reed MCA

2009 May 23rd

Floor Length And Tux
Chicago IL

Catie Olsen - EC Brown - Carl Warnick - Dawn Reed


FLAT - Olsen, Brown, Warnick, ReedFLAT - Olsen, Brown, Warnick, Reed

2009 Mar 20th

Guest DJ for
Lesson Plan -
Edra Soto @
Second Bedroom Project Space
Bridgeport Chicago

                                               opening shots coming

DJ second bedroom project Warnick, ReedDJ second bedroom project Warnick, Reed

Feb 6th

Art For Animals Auction

curated by Red Door Animal Shelter
Woman Made Gallery - Chicago IL

                                               opening shots

art for animal auctionart for animal auction


Oct 8th St. Louis @ Open Lot Studios
Oct 11/12 Kansas City @ The Pampered Banana
Nov 14/15 Finch Gallery - Chicago, IL

KNOTTY - dressing Carl

An Associate Degree in Science curated by EC Brown & Catie Olson
group exhibition: Liv Ullman, Anaerobic Digestion, Post-Psychiatry
Spiderbug short film screening: The pH Show

                                               digital knotty
                                               opening shots

knotty dressing carlknotty dressing carl

April 5th
Dawn Reed - Carl Warnick
curated by Annika Seitz & EC Brown

California Occidental Museum of Art - Chicago IL

Design & Clothier:
Cotton caps & choker with deconstructed Mirror Ball appliques
For : Annika - Erik - Catie - Carl - Self
Adorned crowd in badges with insets from mirror ball 

                                               Catie Olson Pinata Video
 Catie Olson - Siamese Finger Puppet Pinata--Dr. Heckle & Mr. Jide
                                               opening shots
                                               listen to good mornin' mashups
                                               & others - Mashup downloads

dawn reed, Good Morning COMAdawn reed, Good Morning COMA

2007 Sept 27 through Nov 3rd
Girl on Guy : the object of my desire
curated by Marci McDade
A+D Gallery - Chicago IL  

                                               gallery shots

dawn reed, something that you saiddawn reed, something that i said

Butcher Shop Dogmatic Gallery - Chicago IL

                                               gallery shots
                                               midnight videos

dawn reed, carl warnick, rupturedawn reed, carl warnick, rupture

Between Dawn & Carl : Laps
Mix Tape Show curated by Terence Hannum
Gallery 400 - Chicago IL
                                               opening shots
                                               dawns mix - carls mix - tracklists

dawn reed, carl warnick, mix tapedawn reed, carl warnick, mix tape

You Don't Love Me Yet
collaboration : Adam Scott - Carl Warnick - Dawn Reed
A Film Project and live tour by Johanna Billing
Kavi Gupta Gallery - Chicago IL


                                               view performance
                                               listen to fenin & dawn cover

                                                        shirts for show -
                                                        airbrush and design
                                                              by Julie Whaley

dawn reed, carl warnick, adam scott, you don't love me yet performancedawn reed, carl warnick, adam scott, you don't love me yet performance

Emittance : a continuance of relationship machines

Design and Clothier:
Paper petticoats, leather corset, cotton duck corset,
silk chemise and a hoopskirt
dressed: Cherish - Kho - Aemilia - Anjelique

Incident Performers: Cherish - Anjelique
Dogmatic Gallery - Chicago IL

                                               opening - incident - performance
                                               objects in emittance
                                               gallery shots
                                               photo series

dawn reed, emittance incident performancedawn reed, emittancedawn reed, emittancedawn reed, emittance

Amour et Mort 
At the Edge: When Darkness Falls Across the Land
curated by Melanie Schiff and Kristen VanDeventer
Gallery 400 - Chicago IL  

gallery shots
                                               photo series

dawn reed, amour et mortdawn reed, amour et mort

Design and Clothier:
Black sleeveless dress shirt with front leather strap
dressed: Carl Warnick

for Meg Duguid's Silent Dance Party - Dueling Dj's Show
Museum of Contemporary Art - Chicago IL

opening shots

carl warnick, meg deguid, silent dance party

Agitha Demark Project
An ongoing collaboration with Carl Warnick

2002 PSI Contemporary Art Center
curated by Rudy Shepherd - Long Island NY

2000 Deluxe Projects Gallery - Chicago IL


installation shots

dawn reed, carl warnick, agitha demark projectdawn reed, carl warnick, agitha demark project

Libraries and collections are objects which yearn for order and correctness, yet always contain within them the chaos they were born from. They also yearn to grow and be duplicated. The Agitha Demark Project is an ongoing social project. Most recently performed at PS1, the project uses music as a mechanism to produce conversation. By sharing from a vast library of digitized albums people are enticed to talk with us.

[Polly Ullrich] To experience Agitha Demark Project, the viewer entered a starkly white gallery which reverberated with music. Clad in a uniform designed by his collaborator Dawn Reed, Warnick stood like a clerk behind a console and handed out sewn cloth "wrist accessories" adorned with an Agitha Demark computer logo, also made by Reed. After strapping on the bracelet, the viewer could approach the console, peruse four leather-bound books made by Warnick, and pick out one of the 1,000 crisply described compact discs for Warnick to copy. About 2,000 more titles were available for the asking.

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